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There is a saying in Germany that an exceptional horse can never have experienced anything traumatic in their educational life.  They must have had a solid education and good experiences. One cannot train a horse to have a big heart or to be a fighter; that is innate in the character of the horse. This innate brave heart attitude is what I look for in every horse I deal with.  I like to find talented horses that have not been used up for a quick success. The education of a horse is never a straight road upwards. It is a product of a horse being allowed to learn from its mistakes. This is the sole reason why the past experiences of the horses are so important in creating their future consistent success. The horses that can be seen on this website are all picked with this criterion in mind. Whether jumpers, hunters, equitation horses, or grand-prix prospects; these horses should be relatively easy to further educate and most importantly brave in their hearts at the jump.

My job is to match what the clients want with the best horses available for them.

The goal of Trans-Atlantic is to help the client find the horse that they desire, whether it be an investment horse, a young prospect that they want to continue to educate themselves, an older horse which is already successful, or just a good grand-prix prospect that can continue to excel under different riding systems and management. A good match is irreplaceable and Trans-Atlantic would like to be there to help.

Not all horses that are available for sale are represented on my website.

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